Thursday, May 10, 2012

Craft #1- Map to My Heart

I saw these for sale on Etsy, and instead of dishing out the $60+ the seller was asking for, I decided to make one myself.

The first heart is a map of Springfield, MO and says "we met," the second is of Farmington, MO and says, "we married," and the third heart is a map of Oklahoma City, OK and says, "we live."

This was so easy, y'all. The maps I got for free at a MO truck stop and a toll booth in OK. The backing is just cheap ol' matte art paper from Hobby Lobby and the tags are from thick resume paper. The frame is thrifted and stained but Hobby Lobby usually has their frames half off if you want to save some time. Make a heart out of regular paper to use as a stencil so all 3 hearts are the same size. Iron the maps to get rid of the creases. I used scrapbooking adhesive dots on the back of the hearts so they laid flush to the matte paper. Glue will warp the maps!

I think that about covers it. The most expensive thing I bought for this was the stain!

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